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ABOUT Inokakuru-yuki

藤戸 幸夫 


Yukio Fujito

Born in 1949.
He got into wood carving with his father's dead, who is a Ainu woodcarver, as a start since he was 15 years old.
After he led a vagabond life around Japan in the 1960's, He has been created a lot of works as a woodcarving artist over for 50 years until now. 
He has been created beautiful "Makiri", traditional knives of Ainu, with a focus on folk art of Ainu, like "Ikupasui", ritual objects of Ainu, "Tanpakuopu", traditional cigarette case, and so on for these 30 years. He lives in Abashiri-gun, Hokkaido, Japan now.

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